Top 10 Most Famous Places to Visit in Bodh Gaya

maha bodhi temple

Maha Bodhi temple The Maha Bodhi temple is believed to have been built by the great Indian emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE in honour of the Buddha.The walls inside the temple are decorated with friezes depicting the Buddha’s life. महा बोधि मंदिर माना जाता है कि महा बोधि मंदिर, महान भारतीय सम्राट अशोक द्वारा बुद्ध के सम्मान में ईसापूर्व तीसरी शताब्दी में बनाया गया था। मंदिर के अंदर की दीवारों को बुद्ध के जीवन को चित्रित करने वाले सामानों से सजाया गया है। बौद्ध धर्म के सबसे पवित्र…

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Maha Bodhi Temple,Bodh Gaya

maha boddhi temple Gaya

History of Maha Bodhi Temple One of the most sacred places of Buddhism, the Maha Bophi Mandir is one of the oldest temples in India. Recognizing Buddha’s place of knowledge (Bodhi) It is situated on the banks of the Niranjana river of central Bihar state and the Mahabodhi temple complex is one of India’s most prominent religious and spiritual centers and is a major tourist attraction for foreign visitors. The original structure, which was later changed, was made to celebrate Buddha’s knowledge by one of the most important religious conversions…

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