About Bihar Feed

On this website you will get Info about Biography, business, entertainment, famous places to visit, government scheme and many other information. Here you will also get all the information related to Bihar whether it is related to Bhojpuri, Political, entertainment, education, or any other topic.

Information Source

All information shared on this website is uploaded with a complete search bin. For this, our Bihar feed team collects all the information with the help of their complete sources, and then after checking its veracity, it is shared with you.


If you make any comments on our website, then we collect the information given by you. And we use that to send you notifications.

And if your comment is valuable to our site, then we approve that comment to be visible on our site in this situation.

Push Notification

We use push notifications on our site. As soon as you visit our site, you will get a notification, if you want an instant update of this website, then you can subscribe to this push notification by saying yes. By doing this, as soon as any news or information is uploaded on bihar feed, you will get a notification in your browser immediately.

Full Data Protection

We do not share the data shared by you such as your email, number and name etc. with any third party. We only use the data provided by you to send you notifications or to reach you any other information related to Bihar feed.

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