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Dr. Tanu Jain is an IAS interviewer who is known for taking interview of those children who is preparing for UPSC at Drishti IAS Academy. And she passed UPSC in the year 2014 with a 648 rank.

And after that, she made a place in the hearts of Lakhs of UPSC aspirants candidates by taking a lot of mock interviews at Drishti IAS Academy with the most different ways of taking interviews. Recently, in a conversation with the Josh Talk, Dr. Tanu Jain has shared many things about her personal life and the journey of UPSC.

And Tanu is a doctor and IAS interviewer by profession and has also held the post of Assistant Director in DRDO. By the way, she is known all over India as an interviewer of Drishti IAS Academy.

Tanu Jain Biography
Full NameDr. Tanu Jain
Tanu Jain Date of Birth 16 July 1986
Tanu Jain Age37 years
Ravi Sihag VillageDelhi, India
Famous As Drishti Interviewer, UPSC Batch 2014 (Rank 648)
Tanu Father NameSoon
Tanu Mother NameUpdate
Tanu Jain Rank648 rank
Schools Cambridge Public School, Srinivaspuri New Delhi
College BDS from Subharti Medical College Meerut
Tanu Jain Husband Vatsalya Kumar

Dr. Tanu Jain (IAS) Biography: Dr. Tanu Jain, who made a place in the heart of Lakhs of UPSC aspirants candidates by taking a lot of mock interviews at Drishti IAS Academy, was born in a Jain family on 16 July 1986 in Sadar Bazar area of ​​Delhi. And she is mainly known for taking mock interviews in Drishti IAS Academy and clearing the tough exam UPSC in UPSC 2014 and securing a 648 rank.

And she had given 3 UPSC attempts in his UPSC career in which she had cleared the prelims exam on the first attempt but didn’t pass the mains exam, then passed both prelims and mains exam on the second attempt and reached the interview but not got more marks in an interview.

Dr. Tanu Jain Husband and Love Story

After securing lesser marks in the interview in her second UPSC attempt, Tanu Jain took the help of her special friend, Guide and Philosopher Vatsalya Kumar. Tanu and Vatsalya prepared well for the interview. And the result was that this time 200 marks came in the interview in her third UPSC attempt. Later, the friendship of Vatsalya Kumar and Tanu Jain turned into love and both of them got married.

Dr. Tanu Jain husband

Dr. Tanu Jain’s UPSC career

During the internship in medical studies, I came to know that there is such an examination in UPSC, through which directly makes senior officers. And then I decided for preparing UPSC. And Tanu had given 3 UPSC attempts in her UPSC career in which she had cleared the prelims exam on her first UPSC attempt but didn’t pass the UPSC Mains exam, then on her second attempt, she passed both prelims and mains exam and reached the interview but due to not getting more marks in an interview, she didn’t qualify.

And then, In 2014 She again decided to give a third UPSC attempt, In which she scored 648 ranks.

Tanu Jain Josh Talk Interview

Tanu Jain says that none of our family had given UPSC exam. In such a situation, she did not know how to prepare for it. When she told this to her mother, the mother and daughter went to New Delhi to buy books for UPSC preparation. Brought two or four books from there. Then got guidance from friends and in preparation for just two months, gave UPSC pre-exam and also passed.

Tanu Jain’s first attempt

After cracking UPSC Prelims in just two months of preparation, I was confident that I can become an IAS, but due to less preparation, I could not clear the UPSC main exam on her first attempt. That failure made me think about what mistakes I was making that didn’t clear the main exam. I corrected those mistakes. From there I started doing self-examination.

Tanu Jain’s second attempt

Tanu Jain says that I tried for the second time by correcting all the mistakes. This time there was a success in both pre and mains. Then I used to think that now I will clear the UPSC interview just because I have a good understanding of national and international matters. And I have been participating in debate competitions since school time. In the first interview, she got only 151 marks. Although the selection was not done.

Tanu Jain’s third attempt

And after that Tanu prepared well for UPSC Mains and Interview with her friend and husband Vatsalya Kumar and gave the third attempt in which she secured 648 ranks, and also got 200 marks in the interview.

Dr. Tanu Jain Josh talks

Recently, in a conversation with the Josh Talk, Dr. Tanu says that many people feel that in the UPSC interview, the candidates are often asked these questions that “how many buttons are there in your shirt? the first egg came or chicken? And how many stairs have you climbed?” If you think all these questions are asked in the UPSC interview? So the answer is no. UPSC panel does not ask such questions. It is a different matter that if a candidate has answered all the questions well, then for his own awareness, sometimes a panel has asked some interesting questions.

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