Nalanda University Destruction- A great loss to humanity.

Nalanda Bihar

History of Nalanda Nalanda is one of Bihar’s most famous districts,It is situated 95 kilometers south-east from Patna, Nalanda is one of the important tourist places of Bihar, and here was the second oldest university in India, Nalanda University which was often Known as the early universities of India. Today there is ruins in most parts of Nalanda, but the place is definitely worth finding, it is said that here many pilgrims came here and this place of glorification of the place brought Nalanda to existence, Jain Tirthankar, Mahavir spent…

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History of Vaishali,Bihar


History of Vaishali Vaishali is one of the most famous districts of Bihar.It was separated from Muzaffarpur district in 1972, it is about 44 kilometers from Patna.It is popular among tourists, Vaishali is an important archaeological site and it is also known as the birthplace of lord Mahavira. it is said that Mahavira was born in 6th century BC in the Koslaga of Vaisali. Apart from this, Gautam Buddha had preached his last discourse before his death, it is considered as an important place for both Jain and Buddhist religions, and…

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