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If you are the fans of Akshara Singh, one of the most famous actresses of Bhojpuri, and want to know some interesting things related to her life, then this post is very useful for you because today we about the introduction of Akshara Singh’s life in this post Going to know, and are going to tell you how Akshara finally started her Bhojpuri film career and then how did he become a famous Bhojpuri singer.

So if you want to know about some similar interesting things related to Akshara Singh’s life, then you can read this post carefully and get all the information related to it. So let’s know about the life of Akshara Singh.

Before that, for your information, let us know that Akshara is the only actress from Bhojpuri who started her career as an actress and later became a famous singer of Bhojpuri.

Full Name : Akshara Singh
Nick Name Akshara
Date of Birth : 30 August 1993
Birthplace : Mumbai, Maharashtra
Father’s Name : Inderjit Singh aka Bipin Singh
Mother’s Name : Neelima Singh
Famous As:  Bhojpuri singer, hero
Education : Graduations (in Law)
Age : 28 Years
Nationality : Indian
Akshara Singh Boyfriend : N/A
Religion : Hindu
Akshara Singh Instagram :


Akshara Singh biography : Bhojpuri’s most famous actress and singer Akshara Singh was born on 30 August 1993 in Mumbai. His father’s name is Indrajit Singh alias Bipin Singh, and his mother’s name is Neelima Singh. And both Akshara’s parents are associated with the film world. The entire family of Akshara Singh is originally residents of Bihar.

Apart from all this, the most special thing about Akshara is that she started her career as an actress and later became a famous singer of Bhojpuri. And nowadays she focuses on Bhojpuri song more than Bhojpuri films.

Akshara Singh Personal Life & Family

On the other hand, if we talk about Akshara’s personal life, then Bhojpuria was in a love in an affair with Power Star Pawan Singh for a long time. But after Pawan Singh’s marriage in 2018, both of them separated. And currently, Akshara lives in Mumbai with her entire family.

Akshara Singh Bhojpuri Career

He has entered the Bhojpuri industry in the Bhojpuri film in the year 2011 in the Bhojpuri film. And in this film, he was accompanied by famous Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan. And after doing this film, Akshara did not look back and got back to back she got a chance to work in many Bhojpuri films and most of them have done films with Bhojpuri superstar power star Pawan Singh.

On the other hand, if we talk about the Bhojpuri films made by him, then he gave many super hit films to Bhojpuri film world, in which Tridev, Sarkar Raj, Satya, Dhadak, Sajan Chale Sasural, Tapadla, Nirhua Rickshawal 2, Dilwala, Pratigya 2, I am Me The names of several hit films including Hero Number One, Saathiya, Betab etc. are included.

Akshara Singh Bhojpuri Singing Career

On the other hand, if we talk about Akshara’s Bhojpuri singing career, then she started her Bhojpuri singing career with a devotional song in the year 2016, and after that Akshara gave Bhojpuri industry many superhit Bhojpuri songs in which “of” etc. Names include. And in today’s time, Akshara’s demand in the Bhojpuri industry is for more Bhojpuri songs than Bhojpuri films. And apart from all this, Akshara is also very famous for the Bhojpuri stage shows.

Akshara Singh Awards & Achievements

On the other hand, if we talk about some awards received for his participation in the Bhojpuri industry, then he has received the award of Dada Saheb Phalke Foundation Award from Bhojpuri IBFA, and in addition, he once for his Bhojpuri songs in the 2019 Awards for “Best Young Popular Singer” have also been received. And apart from this, he has been awarded a small award of more.

  • Akshara Singh is currently one of the highest-paid actresses with the highest fan following in Bhojpuri cinema. And they are paid up to 10 lakhs for a Bhojpuri film.
  • Apart from this, he has millions of followers on social media. And she is the only actress of Bhojpuri who follows more than four million people on Instagram.
  • She has worked in more than about 50 Bhojpuri films, and today she is one of the most popular and most famous actresses of Bhojpuri cinema.
  • And apart from all this, he is also a famous Bhojpuri female singer, and his music videos and singing videos get millions of views on YouTube.

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