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From Bollywood to Slot Reels: India’s Unique Slot Machine Themes

With a massive uptake and upward trajectory in smartphone ownership in India, there’s an ever-expanding market and a swelling potential pool of customers for gambling companies to push online slots for real money. Slot machines are already very popular in India due to their simplicity but also the investment from companies to tailor them to the Indian market. We look at some of the unique slot machine themes which have been geared toward the online slots for real money audience in India.

Cash ‘n Curry

Indian food is incredibly wide and expansive with lots of flavours and tastes. Curry as a dish, might be the most well-known and popular but even that has a wide array of variations. Yet even ardent curry fans would struggle to make a direct correlation between online slots that pay real money and curry. However, that didn’t stop the developers from making this Cash ‘n Curry slot. The Indian restaurant-themed slot makes players match naan bread, chilli peppers, and even pints of lager beer (unbranded but surely it’s Cobra or Kingfisher) to get lucrative winnings.

Star of India

If you want a refresher on typical Indian culture and common themes that come to mind when thinking about the nation, then the Star of India does a good job to remind you of all such things. Players get the chance to spin typical Indian iconography across five reels which include the Bengali tiger, a kingfisher bird, a typical Asian-Indian elephant, a sitar, a woman wearing a typical Indian dress, some jewels, and even a typical Indian musical instrument, the sitar. One feature that makes this particular game very popular is that it offers a lot of free spins to the user, meaning that there are often multiple attempts to win. That said, it’s still relatively hard to match all the reels given there’s quite a few icons.

Bollywood Story

Can’t decide between watching a Bollywood movie or playing on the slots? Well, Bollywood Story does its best to combine the two. While slot machines typically have a very thin narrative simply veiling the ‘spin and (try to) win’ nature, there’s actually a deep narrative to this one. Much like Hindi Bollywood movies, it follows a story of a young couple making their way through life. Somehow you spinning the symbols will determine their life. No pressure then. You’ve got to match the character symbols of the two lovers and/or their initials. However, you’ll want to avoid the antagonist’s avatars of the disapproving mother as well as the evil rich man who try to pry the lovers apart.

Bollywood Party

Another slot with Bollywood themes is Bollywood Party. Much like Bollywood Story, the game sees players tackle the usual narratives of drama and entertainment as it tries to put the user through the paces of an actual Bollywood party. No party is complete with a dance, which the software encompasses with a ‘dance streak bonus’ feature where gamers get to extend their game session.

Pearls of India

India is home to marvelous sites and historical landmarks which attract visitors from far and wide. Well, the Pearls of India features a lot of Indian iconography (maybe not all of them are based on real landmarks but influenced by them) which players must spin and match across this 5-reel game.

Cricket Star

Do you know what India really likes? Cricket. Seen as one of the top nations and home to one of the most attractive leagues, the Indian Premier League it’s only natural that cricket creeps into other aspects of Indian life. Cricket Star is a fairly simple premise as far as slot machines go. Match the cricket-themed icons…oh if you get the scatter ball icon enough times you can usually get a few free spins.

Premier League Cricket

Given how popular cricket is in India, is it any wonder that local bettors have multiple options for cricket-themed slots? Premier League Cricket is arguably more aesthetically pleasing than its above-mentioned counterpart, with better graphics but isn’t as simple as Cricket Star. Other than that, it’s very similar, matching the cricket-themed insignias.

Delphi the Elephant

Despite the national animal of India being the Bengali tiger, elephants still hold high regard often depicted as a majestic, divine, and royal beast, Indian gamblers would love to assimilate to the riches that the elephant holds.  Delhi the Elephant the slot machine challenges players to match other typical Indian assets, whether it’s matching piles of spice or tuk-tuks it’s a game with India at its heart.

The Wonders of Taj Mahal (and other derivatives)

The Taj Mahal is one of the most important buildings in Indian history and part of their culture, attracting millions of visitors. So how does this historical landmark lend itself to a theme of an online slot machine? Well, players must simply match icons of Indian history, simple. It’s worth noting that there are many slot games based on the Taj Mahal with very similar names. There’s also a few real-world slot machines with similar themes that can be found in casinos the world over.

7 Chakras

Anyone who has contemplated yoga or meditation will have come across the concept of the ‘seven chakras’. It’s the theory of there are seven key components in your body that dictate your overall mental well-being, energy levels, and health. 7 Chakras the slot game taps into this ideology with similar imagery that resonates with the aesthetics of wholesome Indian well-being. Does gambling fit snugly with this mindfulness ideology? Not really but someone will be playing it.

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