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IPS Full Form in hindi 2022: If you prepare for UPSC exam then you must have heard the name of IPS and IAS, because both IPS and IAS are very famous among the candidates preparing for UPSC exam, and all UPSC exam The preparing candidates prepare for this exam for this job.

And among these candidates, there are many candidates who do not even know the full form of IPS, so if you are also preparing for IPS, but you do not have any information about the full form of IPS, then you can do this. You can read the article carefully till the end and get all the information about IPS ke full form to complete process of becoming IPS, facilities available to IPS and IPS salary. So let us know in detail all these facts related to IPS.

What is IPS Full Form.

The full form of IPS is Indian Police Service in English language while the full form of IPS in Hindi language is “Indian Police Service”. And an IPS officer is the police chief of any district whose main job is to verify the Lion Order of the district.

IPS Full Form: Indian Police Service

I – Indian
P – Police
S – Service

What is IPS and how to become an IPS officer?

IPS is a type of Indian Police Service, which is a big officer of the police department of any district, and it is one of the most prestigious posts of civil services, which you can get to clear the UPSC exam with a good rank. is given later.

And only an IAS officer goes ahead and becomes SP, SSP, DIG, IG and DGP of any district.

An IPS officer is a police officer of any district to whom all the police officers of the district report, including the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and the Superintendent of Police (SP) of the non-IPS cadre.

How to become an IPS officer, know the complete process

If you also want to become an IAS officer but you have no idea about the process of becoming an IPS officer, then for this you can follow the procedure given below and become a successful IPS officer.

IPS Officer KAISE BANE 2022

To become an IPS officer, first of all you have to complete your graduation in any discipline.

After that, when you complete your graduation, you have to prepare for UPSC exam for few years.

And after that when you have completed 21 years of age then after that you are eligible to take UPSC exam.

And then you can become a successful IPS officer by clearing UPSC exam.

Things to note: The most important thing to note here is that you have to work very hard to crack UPSC exam, and after that you have to go through 3 stages of UPSC exam (Prelims, Mains or Interview).

And then when you clear all the three stages of UPSC exam then you have to get a good rank also in this exam. Only after that you become an IPS officer.

Eligibility to become an IPS officer

If you also want to become an IPS officer, then first of all you need to know some eligibility criteria set by UPSC. So let’s know about the eligibility to become an IAS officer.

IPS Officer Eligibility Criteria

To become an IAS officer, first you have to clear UPSC exam with good ranks.

And to appear in UPSC exam, you must have at least graduation in any subject.

And the minimum educational qualification to become an IAS officer is graduation.

To become an IAS officer you can give UPSC exam 6 times after that you are not eligible for UPSC exam.

Age Limit to become IPS Officer

If you want to become an IAS officer by clearing UPSC exam, then some age limit has been fixed by UPSC about which information is given below.

The age limit to become an IPS officer or appear in the UPSC exam is from 21 years to 27 years. At the same time, the candidates coming in the Obc category are given an additional relaxation of 5 years for the year and the students coming in the Sc / St category.

General category i.e. people of general category can appear for upsc exam maximum 6 times while people of sc/st category can appear in this exam maximum 9 times. The number of times any candidate will be able to take the exam, this rule will be valid till his maximum age limit is not exceeded.

What is the rank required to become an IPS

If this question is also coming in your mind that how many ranks have to be brought in UPSC to become an IPS officer, then for your information, let us tell you that to become IPS, category wise you have to bring different ranks like if you are in general category. If you belong to caste then you have to appear at least 200 rank or below in UPSC exam. After that you are made an IPS officer.

Same if you belong to other category like OBC, SC, ST etc. then you have to get rank below 400

You have to bring a rank below, after that you are made an IPS officer.

IPS Officer Salary

If you also want to become an IPS officer and want to know about the salary of an IPS officer, then for your information, let us tell you that when an IPS officer becomes an IPS officer, then his salary is around Rs 56000 per month.

And after that, as his ranking increases, then his salary also increases from Rs. lakh to Rs. 2.5 lakh. And the salary of an IG rank IPS officer is around ₹ 145000 while the salary of the highest rank DGP of the administrative service is around ₹ 225000.

Major facilities available to an IPS officer

Apart from the salary of lakhs of rupees to an IPS officer, various types of government services are provided by the government, so let’s know about the major facilities available to an IPS officer.

Major facilities of an IPS officer?

IPS officers are given salary ranging from ₹ 50000 to ₹ 200000 per month, while DGP rank officers are given more than ₹ 225000 salary.

Apart from this, an IAS officer always has a government residence / house and at least two to four vehicles to travel.

At the same time, the highest level of security to an IAS officer is also provided by the security guard.

Apart from this, other types of facilities such as free electricity, water, medicine are provided along with 4 to 5 additional servants for cleaning and cooking the accommodation.

In this way, apart from salary to an IAS officer, many other types of private services are also provided free of cost by the government


So let us now know about the answers to some important questions related to IPS, about which people are often curious to know.

Q. How long is the IPS course?

Ans: Actually, to become an IPS, you have to prepare for the UPSC exam with at least one year of hard work, and after that you can easily become an IPS officer by passing the upsc exam.

Q. What is another name for IPS?

Ans: Another name of IPS is called Indian Police Service or Indian Administrative Service, and only an IPS officer is later the main ie DGP of the police force of any state.

Q. What does it take to become an IPS?

Ans: To become an IPS, you have to first clear the UPSC exam with good ranks. After that you become an IS officer.

Q. What does it take to become an IPS officer after 12th?

Ans: To become an IAS officer after class XII, first of all you must have passed graduation with any subject, after that you can become an IPS officer after preparing for UPSC for a few days.

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