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Khan Sir Patna Biography in hindi

Khan Sir Patna: If you also want to know about YouTube’s famous teacher Khan Sir who offline teaches in Patna, then this post is very helpful for you because today we are going to share about some important information related to Khan sir life with you in this post. So if you also need any information related to Khan sir, then you can read this article carefully and get all the information related to Khan sir life. So let’s know.

Before this, let us tell you that khan sir is one of the most famous teachers on youtube, and has more than 17.8 million subscribers on his official youtube channel (Khan GS Research Center), and the average page of each video on his channel is over 1 million, and this figure comes on each of their videos in just 1 to 2 days.

If you are also active on some social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, then you must have seen Khan sir’s videos, And because of his fun way of teaching which is in the Bihari language his videos always go viral on social media.

Full Name  Khan Sir Patna
Date of Birth  July 1988
Birthplace Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
Father’s Name soon
Mother’s Name Update Soon
Famous As YouTube Teacher
Education Graduations
Khan Sir Age 38 Years
Nationality Indian
Khan Sir Wife Not Known
Khan Sir Net Worth 2 Crore
Khan Sir Religion Muslim
Youtube Channel : Khan Gs Research Center

Khan Sir Patna Biography (Wiki)

Youtube’s most famous teacher Khan sir, Whose full name is Faizal Khan, was born in July 1988 in a middle-class Muslim family in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. And he is mainly known for teaching those students who preparing for general Competitive exams like ‘SSC, CHSL, CGL, BPSC, RAILWAYS, GROUP D, MTS, And UPSC‘ etc
And Khan sir is very famous not only in Bihar but all over India because of his teaching style which is very Famous & Viral On YouTube, and he found this through his youtube channel. Before the year 2019, Khan sir was not so famous when he run only an offline coaching institute in Patna, Bihar.

But since he started teaching online through his YouTube channel, he has become very famous not only in Bihar but all over India. And Khan sir started his YouTube channel in the year 2019, and in just a few years his channel has got more than 17.8 million subscribers.

Who is Khan sir?

Khan sir is a teacher by profession. Who teaches children for government jobs both offline and online, and due to his entertaining style of teaching, today the name of Khan Sir has become famous all over India. Currently Khan sir gives coaching classes on a YouTube channel, the name of this channel is Khan GS Research Center.

Khan Sir Family

Khan sir has never shared much information about his family or personal life on social media platforms or in news media so far, So that, no information about his family is available, as soon as khan sir shared any information about it. it will be made available to you soon.

Khan Sir Real Name

Khan sir has never shared official information about his full name anywhere, and about his real name was also asked in many interviews but he has not given any information about it. By the way, as soon as any official information is shared by them, it will be made available to you soon.

Khan Sir Teaching Career

Khan Sir started his offline coaching institute in the year 2010 -12, but started the online coaching center by creating his own YouTube channel in the year 2019. And the name of his official YouTube channel is Khan GS Research Center. And since then he has taught lakhs of students with his Bihari Language and fun style.

Khan Sir Biography

khan sir classes

The most important thing about Khan sir’s offline coaching is that he takes admission in his offline coaching institute at a very low cost or free of cost, and to take admission in his offline coaching institute you need to Pass at least intermediate.

khan sir real name amit singh

If you also know the real name of Khan sir Amit Singh, then for your information, let me tell you that the real name of Khan sir is not Amit Singh, this is only fake information spread on social media. And Khan sir himself has come and told about it in the news media. If you see his Interview with Saurabh Dwivedi in Lallantop, Khan Sir clearly says his name is not Amit Singh.

khan sir real name amit singh can never happen he is a Muslim, while Amit Singh is a name kept in hindu religion.

khan sir controversy

Khan sir has spoken many controversial things through online youtube, out of which information about some famous controversies of khan sir Patna is given below.

  • Many times Khan has been accused of instigating the student regarding RRB, BPSC, Agneepath scheme. Due to which he was with the Bihar government in many controversies.
  • Along with the Maulanas, he has been in controversy many times regarding the Muslim religion.
  • Khan sir remains in a lot of controversy in the media news even due to his real name.

Khan sir Net Worth and income

If you also want to know about Khan Sir salary, Net Worth, and his monthly income, then you can read the information available in the table given below.

Income Source Offline Coaching, Mobile App and YouTube
Fame YouTube
Monthly Income Approx Rs 1-5 Lakh
Khan sir Net worth approx Rs 1 to 2 crore

Khan sir mobile app

Yes, Khan Sir’s Education Mobile App is also available, the name of this app is Khan Sir Official. You can download this app from your phone’s Google Play Store.

khan sir Official Social Media Pages

Khan sir of Patna does not have any official Facebook (khan sir Facebook page) or Instagram account (khan sir Instagram page) All the accounts available online are all fake. And he himself has said this information while giving an interview to News at India Bihar Jharkhand.

khan sir wikipedia

There is no official Wikipedia page of khan sir available online only his biography can be read on many famous websites.

Khan sir with Sandeep Maheshwari

Khan sir has recently met with Sandeep Maheshwari and was also given an interview by visiting his YouTube channel, the link of which is given below.

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Q. How to take admission in Khan Sir’s Academy?

Ans: If you also want to study in Khan sir’s coaching institute, then you do not need to do much for this, it is very important to pass your intermediate to take admission there.

Q. What is Khan Sir Wife Name?

Ans: Not much is available online about Khan sir’s life so no information about his wife is available yet.

Q.What is the name of Khan Sir Academy?

Ans: The name of Khan sir’s coaching institute is Khan GS Research Center.

Conclusion –

I hope that, After reading this post you have got all the information about Khan sir life & Struggle. So If you also want to watch Khan sir videos then you can watch his official video available on YouTube. thanks

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