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Mamaearth is a popular personal care brand that focuses on creating safe, natural, and sustainable products for the entire family. Founded in 2016 by husband and wife duo Varun and Ghazal Alagh, Mamaearth has gained recognition for its commitment to providing toxin-free and environmentally friendly skincare, haircare, baby care, and wellness products. With a mission to make conscious choices accessible to everyone, Mamaearth has garnered a loyal customer base worldwide.

History and Founders

Mamaearth was established in 2016 in Gurugram, India, by Varun and Ghazal Alagh. The brand was born out of the founders’ personal experiences and concerns as parents, driven by the desire to create safe and natural products for their children. Varun Alagh, an entrepreneur with a background in e-commerce, and Ghazal Alagh, a serial entrepreneur and digital marketer, combined their expertise to build a brand prioritizing sustainability and consumer well-being.

Product Range

Mamaearth offers a diverse range of personal care products that cater to the needs of individuals across different age groups. Their product categories include:

Baby Care: Mamaearth’s baby care range includes gentle shampoos, moisturizing lotions, massage oils, diaper rash creams, and baby washes, formulated with natural ingredients to ensure the well-being of babies’ delicate skin.

Skincare: The skincare range comprises face washes, moisturizers, serums, masks, and sunscreens made from natural ingredients such as aloe vera, turmeric, and vitamin C. These products aim to address various skin concerns and promote a healthy complexion.

Haircare: Mamaearth offers an array of haircare products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, and hair masks. These products are formulated to nourish and strengthen hair, addressing issues like dryness, dandruff, and hair fall.

Wellness: Mamaearth’s wellness range includes products like teas, apple cider vinegar, and supplements. These products aim to support overall health and well-being using natural ingredients.

Commitment to Safety and Sustainability

One of Mamaearth’s core values is a commitment to providing safe and toxin-free products. The brand follows strict safety standards and ensures that its products are free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors. Mamaearth also conducts rigorous testing and certifications to maintain product quality and safety.

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In addition to safety, sustainability is a key focus for Mamaearth. The brand is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact by using recyclable packaging materials and promoting responsible sourcing of ingredients. Mamaearth also strives to support ethical practices and community development through fair trade initiatives.

Social Initiatives

Mamaearth actively participates in social initiatives and philanthropic activities. The brand has partnered with NGOs and charitable organizations to contribute to causes such as education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. Mamaearth’s “Plant Goodness Initiative” aims to plant trees and restore ecosystems, contributing to a greener planet for future generations.

Recognition and Awards

Mamaearth’s commitment to excellence and sustainability has earned the brand several accolades and recognition within the industry. Some of the notable awards received by Mamaearth include:

Economic Times Startup Awards 2020: Mamaearth was recognized as the “Startup of the Year” for its innovative approach and rapid growth.

Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards: Mamaearth products have been honored with Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards, highlighting their efficacy and consumer appeal.

Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards: Mamaearth has been a recipient of the Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards, celebrating the brand’s dedication to clean and safe beauty.

Global Presence and Expansion

Mamaearth has experienced significant growth and success since its inception. Initially catering to the Indian market, the brand has expanded its presence globally, serving customers in countries across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. With its online and offline retail presence, Mamaearth continues to expand its reach and make sustainable personal care accessible to a wider audience.


Mamaearth has emerged as a leading personal care brand emphasizing safety, sustainability, and natural ingredients. By providing a wide range of products for different age groups, Mamaearth has become a go-to choice for conscious consumers seeking reliable and environmentally friendly personal care solutions. Through their commitment to innovation, social responsibility, and customer well-being, Mamaearth continues to make a positive impact in the personal care industry.

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