Practical law and practice law – Difference, Guide and More

If you also do not have any knowledge about law and you want to get information related to it and want to know what is the main difference between practical law and practice law, then you should read this article carefully till the end. and get all the information related to it, then let’s know about practical law and practice law in detail.

What is Law and Lawyer

The Indian Constitution assures everyone of personal liberty and security of life. Fundamental rights have been provided to all in the constitution, and we know them by the name of law.
If we say in common language, it is a medium through which the interests of human life are protected.

And all the people who guide about the law, who have officially learned it from an law institution, And are called Lawyer.

What is Practical Law

Practical Law provides accurate legal guidance to any lawyers using practice notes, checklists, standard documents, forms, legal updates, global guides, etc. And Practical Law gives best & Reliable expert legal knowledge & resources that can help any legal professional

What is Practice Law

When a lawyer practices in the court after reading the law in the book, then we are called practicing people.

practicing law

How to Enroll in Practicing Law

And when someone studies law and he reaches his final year, then at that time he has a great need for practicing law.

And to enroll in practicing law, first of all you have to submit all your documents such as 10th 12th certificate, graduation certificate and LLB certificate etc. to the Bar Council. And after that after checking your documents, the mark sheet is sent to your home.

And after that 2 years time is given to you to clear the All India Bar Examination, after clearing it you can go to any state of India and practice law.

Difference Between Practical law and practice law

Where Practical Law gives accurate legal guidance to any lawyers from various types of practice notes, checklists, standard documents, forms, legal updates, global guides etc.

Whereas in practice law, the lawyer has to go to any court and practice live law after studying the law.

In practical law you gain knowledge from book notes etc. whereas in practice law you gain experience and knowledge by practicing live.

How to become a Lawyer

If you are also thinking of becoming a lawyer and you want to know about the process of becoming a lawyer, then for your information, let us tell you that to become a lawyer, you must have at least 12th or graduation degree.

And after that, if you want, you can take admission in any college for LLB after 12th or you can take admission in 3 years LLB Bachelor course after graduation. After completing your law studies, you can work as an intern. Or you can work as an assistant to a senior lawyer. After completing the internship you become a lawyer.

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