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My goal was to move my family to a more desired location, preferably one that offered a broader choice of possibilities for our conveniences and comforts, from which we could pick and choose the best fit for us. After devoting a significant amount of my time and energy to researching the topic, I eventually identified the Prestige Finsbury Park project. Ultimately, I decided to relocate here since I was content with its outlet and the conveniences provided in this region. This was the most important consideration in my choice. 

To put it another way, I am pleased that this location has both characteristics. Apartments at The Prestige Finsbury Park may be purchased for a price that ranges from 65.65 Lacs to 67.42 Lacs. Depending on the buyer’s preference, these apartments can be purchased with a 1 or 2-BHK floor plan configuration.

How did I discover the Prestige Finsbury Park Project?

I had to persuade my father that moving to Bengaluru was a smart decision before I could make the move myself. Consequently, he spoke with all of his family and friends who lived there in an attempt to choose a hospitable neighbourhood for me to establish my house there. 

He continued until he found out my aunt had relocated to this region and then located her. She told me that she was already a resident of the complex and that I should seriously consider moving there since it offered everything that I required, including the degree of security and convenience that I prioritised. She also informed me that she was already a resident of the complex.

Prestige Finsbury Park Price and Amenities That I Adore 

Your money may be used to purchase a magnificent house for you on a stunningly gorgeous green landscape and huge open stretches of land. If this interests you, keep in mind that this is a possibility. When all these elements are combined, the outcome is one of the most serene settings in return for financial compensation. I paid 66 lakhs to have my apartment here. The following is a list of the available amenities:

  • You may relax in the convenience of a clubhouse that has been entirely equipped and offers a variety of leisure alternatives, such as a pool, a gym, and a health club.
  • In addition, blueprints are drawn up for a corner store, a pharmacy, and a medical facility.
  • The open area has a park for senior citizens, a playground for children, a dog park, and other recreational areas.
  • Because a CCTV camera is continually watching, you won’t have to be concerned about anything related to your safety.
  • To bring out your inner competitor, multipurpose sports facilities are available.
  • Defensible against fires and equipped with alternative power sources. 
  • Maintenance workers at the sewage treatment facility maintain the environment clean and secure to do their duties.
  • To meet your expectations about hospitality, there is a housekeeping facility available. 

3 Reasons to Buy Property at Prestige Finsbury Park 

1. Location Advantages 

It allows quick and simple access to the three locations generally regarded as having the highest significance. The following are some of the benefits that may be obtained as a result of its location, listed in the order that they appear in the following list:

  • The Bagalur Main Road and the Hardware & IT/Aerospace Park may be near Prestige Finsbury Park.
  • It is situated around 50 kilometres away from the international airport and about 15 minutes’ worth of walking distance from the planned metro station for Chikkajala. 
  • It offers very convenient access to the most important communities in South Bangalore.
  • Nearby and in this general region, major public transit alternatives are abundant. These options include buses, taxis, cabs, and rickshaws.

2. Impressive Amenities

The residential apartments have beautiful construction and are furnished with well-thought-out floor plans. They also boast superb ventilation and a stunning design inspired by exquisite aesthetics. My family was very much charmed by it. The apartments are located in a neighbourhood that is convenient to several amenities. The apartment complex is housed in a beautifully constructed structure and outfitted with floor designs that have been given considerable consideration.

3. Reputed Builder 

The Prestige Group has established itself as one of India’s leading and most successful real estate developers over the last ten years by putting its indelible imprint on all asset classes. This has allowed the company to become one of India’s top real estate developers. 

About 6 months ago, if someone had told me that I would find the home of my dreams in Bangalore, I would not have believed them! But, thanks to I found many verified properties within my budget quickly. The home renovation in Bangalore team at NoBroker also helped me in beautifying the home. 

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