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SmallCase: New and easy technique For investing in Share market 

SmallCase Share market: In the present model times, people prefer the stock market to invest their money and nowadays investing has become very easy. But till now you must have invested in direct stock purchase or used to invest in mutual funds.

But now there is a new way to invest which is Small case. Now listening to the small case, this question must have come to your mind that what is this small case? (SmallCase Kya hota hai) And how will it make our investment more easy.

So friends, the method of investing in this is very different from mutual funds and you also need a Demat and trending account to invest in it.

Small Case allows you to buy a complete portfolio of multiple stocks. This portfolio is built around a theme in which you can create a complete portfolio in a jiffy.

So let’s know in detail what is small hair, how the small case works, and how you can invest money with small case?

Friends, first of all we will know what is SmallCase and how it works.

What is a small case?

Small Case is a new and easy way to invest money in the stock market. Small case investing in the stock market is quite different from other techniques. In this, you buy not just one share but a basket of stocks or exchange traded funds based on Idea, Theme and Strategy.

If you understand in easy language, then you get a readymade portfolio of Shares and ETFs. Smallcase builds a portfolio based on Theme and Strategy that is related to one theme and invests in related things and sectors.

For example: Like  There is a theme of electronic things, so now stocks of companies related to it can be easily bought together. Meaning in this you will see baskets of different themes, in which you can invest by choosing the best option according to you.

The themes can range from rural development to fintech companies in the digital space, they are also smallcase baskets based on momentum, value and growth strategies. This technology has been prepared by a Bangalore-based company.

Small case is quite different from mutual funds as the investment in it is done directly through your demat trading account. In this, you do not need to open a Dmat account, you can invest in it through any broker of any of the 12 brokers.

Small cases are managed by SEBI-registered professionals. Presently there are a total of 250 theme baskets in India and around 120 registered managers prepare smallcase baskets for you.

How does Smallcase work

Friends, now we will know how Smallcase works.

  • In order to invest in small case, first of all one has to choose a theme and research related to that theme is done. 
  • After research the shares of different company selected for investment. In this way a basket of lions is prepared.
  • These baskets are made by brokers or advisors, although you can also invest in small case baskets yourself. You invest in this with your demat account, if you have a demat account earlier then you do not need to open a new demat account but now in small case it can be done only through 12 brokers.
  • You can manage and sell these small cases on your own through your trending account.
  • Invest in Smallcase requires buying an entire basket of small cases.
  • Your investment is handled even if there is a fall in the stock of any sector. This is also called balance investment.
  • Small case and mutual funds have something in common. Through this you can invest in companies of one sector together.

Friends, now we will know what are the Charges of Smallcase Investment and what are the fees we have to pay for investing in it.

What are the Charges for Small case Investment? 

  • You are not charged anything for using and investing in the small case. But in small case brokerage and other charges are applicable for the stock we buy. 
  • In addition to this other statutory charges like STT, Transaction charges, Demat charges are applicable.
  • In small cases, you pay according to the weightage of the stocks. At present, small cases ranging from Rs 300 to Rs 1.5 lakh are available in the market. But you should start investing with low cost small case.
  • Also a smallcase can contain 2 to 50 shares and to start investing in it it is necessary to have demat and trading account . Also, you have to pay Rs 118 to the Smallcase platform for registry.
  •  Small case is managed by a professional and there is a fixed fee for this management.
  • In small case you get two types of options free and free. If you take a small case with a fee, then you have to pay the fee to the smallcase manager. This fee is maximum up to ₹ 10000 per annum or it can be 1-2 percent of the amount you have invested:

How to Invest in Smallcase?(How to Invest in Smallcase?)

It is important to know about its need and essentials for investing in a small case. To invest in small case, you need to have a demat and trading account, after which investing in it is very easy.

If you have demat account and trading account then all you have to do is go to play store and download small case application and then after registering in it you get lots of themes you can invest in whatever theme you like. If you want, you can also invest with the help of the  Smallcase website.

  • Like when you buy shares, apart from the broker, other SEBI registered advisors also offer such smallcase investment options.
  • You can also invest by choosing a smallcase basket based on your own research, however, it will not get the benefit of investment fee.
  • To invest in Smallcase you need a demat account with a broker. You can be ready to trade by linking that account to Smallcase.
  • Once you have selected a smallcase, you have to proceed where you will be asked to choose One Time.
  • You can choose the one as per your choice. It is completely based on you. You can click on Discover to find different types of small cases.
  • You can even create your own portfolio where you can add stocks based on your favorite theme. You also get all the details of the selected portfolio in your broker app. So you can make your trading simple and easy through smallcase.

Which brokers can we start investing in Smallcase with?

If you want to invest in Smallcase, you need to have a Dmat and trading account but SmallCase can be invested only through the Dmat account of 12 brokers. To invest in Smallcase, you have to choose one of the brokers, only then you can invest through it.

We have shared here all the brokers through which we can invest in Smallcase.

  1. 5Paisa
  2. Groww
  3. Angel One
  4. Upstox
  5. Zerodha
  6. HDFC Securities< /li>
  7. Kotak Securities
  8. Alice Blue
  9. Axis Direct
  10. Motilal Oswal
  11. Trustline
  12. IIFL Securities
  13. Edelweiss

Is Smallcase safe?

Yes, Smallcase is safe because whenever you buy a share or basket through it, those shares get deposited in your Dmat account. If you invest in Smallcase through Zerodha, then all the shares you have purchased from Zerodha are credited to your Damat account.

Small case is managed by SEBI and has many managers who prepare baskets in small cases.

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We have learned how we can invest in companies of any sector simultaneously through Smallcase. This is a very easy way to invest, if you are new to share market and don’t know about stock market very well, then Smallcase is very effective for you, in this you get a basket of good stocks without any research. In which you can increase your money by investing.

So friends, I hope you have understood what is SmallCase (SmallCase Kya hota hai) If you liked the information given in this article, then definitely share it with your friends, if you have any question If you have any suggestion then comment.

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