History of Bodh Gaya museum,Bodh Gaya

Buddha statue

History of Bodh Gaya museum Bodh Gaya Museum was established in 1956.In this Museum consists of two galleries and an open courtyard as well as two verandas that exhibit antique items. The Bodh Gaya museum exhibits pictures related to the Buddhist and Brahminical beliefs of bronze and stone sculptures, Buddhist deities, zodiac sign on the guardrails of the Sun, Suga era, etc., in the Museum of Buddhist worship.when you will pass through the courtyard of the Bodh Gaya museum than you have to face the stones, which were transferred from…

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Maha Bodhi Temple,Bodh Gaya

maha boddhi temple Gaya

History of Maha Bodhi Temple One of the most sacred places of Buddhism, the Maha Bophi Mandir is one of the oldest temples in India. Recognizing Buddha’s place of knowledge (Bodhi) It is situated on the banks of the Niranjana river of central Bihar state and the Mahabodhi temple complex is one of India’s most prominent religious and spiritual centers and is a major tourist attraction for foreign visitors. The original structure, which was later changed, was made to celebrate Buddha’s knowledge by one of the most important religious conversions…

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