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The Dark Side of Betting in India: Addressing Problem Gambling

Since ancient times, all Indians have been interested in such entertainment as betting. It was the most exciting of all types that was available, which could bring not only fun and relaxation but also real money. At that time there was no such technology, everything was much easier. It was enough to come to the simulated arena and choose a team or a player you were going to be cheering for. After that, you can count on a good pastime and get a cash bonus. 

But despite the fact that in this way people could satisfy their needs in the field of hobbies. Sometimes this approach led to the loss of money or property. Such situations were rare, but they did exist. It is because of this that the government is always taking some restrictive measures against sports betting and gambling. 

At the moment, bettors are using completely different technology. Now you can find many exciting sites with generous bonus offers and a huge selection of sports. In addition to that the most profitable conditions with high odds and different betting options are available to players. 

Best Betting Site in India

4rabet online is a safe and completely legal platform that offers profitable sports betting. At the moment, operators have made the most favorable and comfortable conditions for players who actively follow IPL 2023. All matches are available via live and online betting. 

The company has offered its services since 2018. All this time it operates under the official license of Curacao. The regulatory body that issued it monitors all the activities taking place on the site and fixes even the smallest violations. They will be listed and corrected by the operators of the site. In order to ensure the protection of data have been implemented modern protocols ssl encryption. They not only ventilate data leakage, but also prevent fraudsters from hacking your account.

Types of Sports for Betting

Indian players can choose from a variety of sports options. You can find both traditional options known worldwide or just in the country, as well as cyber sports. 

At the moment, the most popular are : 

  • Cricket;
  • Soccer;
  • Snooker;
  • Handball;
  • Soccer;
  • Hockey;
  • Basketball and others. 

In the cybersports section of 4rabet betting you can find various video games. Now fans of this entertainment can not just play and watch the tournaments, but also make predictions and earn with their help. It is possible to predict the outcome in Dota 2, cs:go, league of legends and more. For a complete list of prediction sports visit the official 4Rabet Website in India

Welcome Bonuses

All players can take advantage of the different offers in the Promotions and Bonuses section. Here one can find the most generous package – welcome bonuses. It offers players to earn 60,000 Indian rupees. 

To do this, you have to fulfill a few conditions. Deposit 100 Indian rupees or more, select multiplier 1.8 or higher and use the offer within 7 days after signing up. After that you will get gifts on your first 4 deposits: 

  • 200 percent up to 20 000 Indian rupees on your first deposit;
  • On the second deposit – 150 percent up to 15,000 rupees;
  • On the third deposit, 100 percent up to 10,000 rupees;
  • On the fourth deposit, 150 percent up to 15,000 rupees. 

Hurry up and register and don’t miss the opportunity to earn on your analytical data and luck!

Gambling Addiction in India

In fact, no matter how many experts have not said that betting leads to addiction, the situation is not so bad. Yes, this kind of disease does exist. But it is worth to understand how widespread it is and who is exposed to it. Not everyone can become addicted to betting. For this we need predisposing factors. 

At this time the following numbers of people with this pathology – 2-5 percent. It would seem a small percentage, but too much attention is paid to it. 

The following will describe the main factors, which you should read and find out if you have them. If they do, it’s worth stopping betting and gambling for the sake of your health. 

Contributing Factors to Addiction

Gambling or betting addiction has a complex impact. that doesn’t just happen. Many factors must come together for it to occur, such as frequent visits to betting establishments and the personal characteristics of the bettor. 

The most important are : 

  • Interpersonal relationship disorders;
  • Disorders in the area of self-esteem;
  • Disorder in the regulation of one’s own condition.

 Interpersonal Relationship Disorder

This type of problem develops from childhood. It is most often associated with parents. This condition is characteristic of an insecure personality type. These people are not sure of the availability of the person with whom they would like to find contact. 

In this case, people find entertainment and answers in the stakes, as there is no rejection. Instead, everything contributes to the continuation of the betting process. 

Impairments in the Area of Self-Esteem

Characteristics of people who have low self-esteem. More often than not, they are used to seeing emptiness around them. While winning, they begin to feel their need and importance to the world. Their self-esteem grows before their eyes.

But in case of losing a person starts to come back to his former state, which motivates him to spend even more for the sake of satisfying his self-esteem. 

Violation of the Regulation of One’s Own State

Most often this issue applies to those people who do not know how to control their emotions. They often submit to worry and are unable to solve the problem on their own. These are usually people who have had a traumatic experience and are trying to forget it.

Then they are trapped in a vicious circle and it is very hard to get out of it. 

Addressing Addiction in Addiction

As has been said, not many people are affected. But even though it is such a small percentage, many steps are being taken to bring this value to zero. 

At this point, conditions for the betting services have been introduced. For this it is necessary to have a Responsible Betting section. Each operator makes it special for itself and offers different features. 

Usually there you can find basic conditions such as registration for adults. You can also include your own betting limits, deposits and time on the site. Some operators may offer a self-exclusion mode for an unspecified period of time. In addition, if you notice any changes, friendly and responsive technical support will definitely help you with the solution of this issue and advise contacts of professional experts . 


Betting in 2023 is a completely safe pastime. You don’t have to worry about both legal and moral issues. All bookmakers that have an international license can provide their services safely and legally. So bettors won’t have any problems with the government and the state. In addition, the mental health of the player also remains under protection due to a reliable system of addiction prevention. Limits have long shown to be effective in the fight against addiction. They continue to reduce the number of this indicator and soon will be able to eradicate it altogether. 

The 21st century is the age of responsible attitude to clients, which is shown by all operators in betting shops.

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