Top 3 Tips on How to Choose Your Profession

You want to find a job you love, enjoy your Mondays, and feel like you belong, but there’s one problem: you have no idea what you want to do. Familiar? Let’s figure out how to choose a profession that will bring not only money, but also pleasure.

1 – No need to complicate things

Of course, you can choose not to make a conscious career choice and take the path of least resistance:

  • repeat the career trajectory of parents (which, by the way, will help with useful acquaintances);
  • choose a university where it is easiest to enter, and then get a job in the specialty where they will take;
  • google where the highest salaries are;
  • turn part-time work during study into a full-time job and leave home tasks like essays to

Only there is a problem: where are you, your real desires and abilities, at least in one of these options?

Today, work is no longer just an activity to which you devote 8 hours 5 days a week (and sometimes much more!). This is an important part of your personality. It is difficult to give 100% to the cause, to devote time to professional development if you do not like the work. Sooner or later you will be replaced by a person whose eyes are on fire. Therefore, look for what really brings pleasure, and you will save yourself many problems in the future.

2 – Do not go astray while choosing a profession

On the way to the goal, the most important thing is to lay the right route.

Dream. Picture in your mind a picture of a perfect work day. How and where does it start? Do you come to the office or work remotely? Do you communicate with people? What duties do you perform, and what do you not deal with at all? This will help 2 exercises.

Imagine that working for you is not a way to make a profit. That you are provided for the rest of your life and have all the necessary resources for learning and development. What would you like to do in this case?

Imagine that a profession is not just an occupation, but a way to fulfill oneself, to express oneself. What way of life does it envisage in this case, what should you do and how much should you earn? What opportunities would you like to open up?

Try something new. If you are not satisfied with the current state of affairs, then you need to open yourself to something that has not happened in your life yet. Remember what you have long wanted to try. Right now is the best time to test something new.

Listen to yourself. Sometimes you need to take a break to do this. For example, going on vacation. Do not rush yourself – it takes time to understand your desires and needs. Also, try to include hobbies, sports, and other activities that you enjoy in your schedule. Sometimes students may not have any freetime. Then it’s time to look for essay writing service cheap ways to complete home tasks.

Study yourself and your interests. Perhaps you read articles on a certain topic every day, watch videos, or visit exhibitions. Think – some interests can develop into a profession.

3 – Describe your desired career path

Think about how you would like to see your career:

  1. horizontal (you develop as an expert);
  2. vertical (you develop as a manager);
  3. zigzag (you develop in different areas, study related areas).

Next, select the area and position that attracts you. It doesn’t have to be the CEO of your own company. Perhaps you see yourself as a department head, a subspecialist, or, conversely, a generalist.

It is important to take into account the situation on the market and the demand for the chosen profession. Find out if demand is exceeding supply and if the position is going to disappear in the near future due to automation.

How can you be sure it’s the “right” job?

Your ideas about the profession may be vague or idealized if you are not personally familiar with the field. In order not to be disappointed when comparing “expectation” and “reality”, adhere to the following tips.

  1. Study the field as best you can: read books, feature articles, attend conferences, follow opinion leaders.
  2. Communicate with a representative of the profession. Such a person will be able to talk about the pros and cons of work, schedule, salaries, possible prospects, etc.
  3. Try a profession as an intern or volunteer.

Key 5 things to know while choosing profession

To choose a profession or career trajectory, you need to be able to:

  1. understand yourself and your characteristics;
  2. understand the changes in the world, the industry you want to enter;
  3. correlate their desires and the possibilities of the world;
  4. build strategies to be able to plan your “migration” from trend to trend;
  5. choose and make decisions along the way.

The bottom line

They say that happiness is when work coincides with passion, when it brings joy. But for everyone this joy is different. For some, it is a high salary, for some it is an opportunity to create, someone cannot imagine life without new experiences and meetings. And there are those for whom there is nothing better than peace and tranquility. But one thing unites everyone – the desire that their work be needed and bear fruit.

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