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Aatur Harshad Mehta : If you also want to know about Atur Mehta, the son of Harshad Mehta in India’s largest stock broker, then this article is very helfull for you because today we are going to know about Atur Mehta’s biography in this article, And you are going to tell what business work has started after the death of her father, and now where is the family of Harshad Mehta, So if you want to know information about the interesting things related to the life of Atur Mehta, then you can continue with this article and get all the information related to it.

So let’s know about the real life of aatur harshad mehta and the net worth of his business, private life, educational qualifications and total properties etc.

Atur Mehta Age and Date of Birth

By the way, the information about the birth of Harshad Mehta is not available anywhere on the Internet, but at the time his father Harshad Mehta died, his age was about 21 to 22 years. And his father’s death has happened in 2001, and according to him his age is currently being up to 40 years.

Atur Mehta is the world’s youngest stock broker and investor and business man. They have been born in Mumbai in 1980 and the son of “Harshad Mehta” is the biggest stock broker of the 90’s. And Harshad Mehta’s son Atar Harshad Mehta is the only child of his parents. And that too is a stock broker (Stock Market Broker) who prefer to stay away from public apparels. If you want to read about the story of Harshad Mehta on the internet then you will find many story on Harshad Mehta.

Aatur Mehta is searched on Google because of India’s large stock broker son of Harshad Mehta. There is not much information available in the news media about the rest of Aatur Mehta. But according to the information available on the Internet, Atur Mehta is also a stock broker and investor like his father.

If talking about Aatur’s family background, his father’s name is Harshad Mehta and his mother’s name is Jyoti Mehta, which is a housewife. And after the death of Atur’s father, he lives in Mumbai with his grandfather.

Full Name Aatur Harshad Mehta
Date of BirthJuly 1980
Aatur harshad mehta BirthplaceMumbai, India
Aatur harshad mehta Father Name Harshad mehta
Mother’s NameJyoti Harshad Mehta
Famous As Stock Market broker (Businessman)
Education Gradution
Aatur harshad mehta Age 41 Years
Spouse(s) unmarried
Religion Hindu
Grand Father Name Shantilal Mehta, Lilyben Mehta

Apart from all these, if talked about their father, they were also known as the Big Bull of Stock Market of the 90s, and Harshad Famous when they report their stock scam. And Harshad was also the mastermind of the stock scam of 1992. And after 27 years of Harshad’s case, this case has been closed by the Supreme Court in 2019.

If talked about the death of Harshad Mehta, his death was due to the Chest Pen in 2001. So if you want to see the web series about Harshad Mehta Scam, then a web series is available in the name of Scam 1992 on Sony Live, which is depicted the full story of Harshad Mehta’s scam.

Atur mehta biography

Aatur Harshad Mehta married life

If talking about the married life of Aatur Mehta, no information about his marriage has not yet been shared between social media nor has any information about it from his Twitter account.
But according to some websites, they are married to Malvika Jagdish Toparani but we do not confirm, because information about it is neither available at a social media account nor anywhere.

Atur Mehta’s Mother & family

Jyoti Harshad Mehta is the name of the mother of Atur Mehta, and her father is Harshad Mehta, whose death was due to the hardattack. And at the moment he lives in America with his family. No more information about their mother and family is available on the Internet.

Atur Mehta’s Social Media Account

If you also want information about the social media account of Atur Harshad Mehta, tell for your information that they live anti-social life and they want any information about them should not be shared anywhere. There is no account on the platform ‘Facebook, Instagram “, so information about their social media account will not be found anywhere.

Apart from this, if you get any social account anywhere, then it is fake and the information about this was given by its own Twitter account.

Just got started with a Housefull Keynote by @jackhidary at @TiEcon#moonshot #rajeevcirclefellowship

— Atur Mehta (@mehtaatur) May 11, 2019

Harshad Mehta Son Atur Mehta’s real picture

Some photos have been shared online from Harshad Mehta’s son Atur Mehta’s official Twitter account but this website can not confirm that this is their real picture, their photo is at the time of death of Harshad Mehta. That he has appeared. And that picture of Atur Mehta is down.

What is the name of Atur Harshad Mehta Company, and its information.

The company’s name “Myriad Business Advisor LLP” and “Adept Management Consultants Private Limited” And Aatur mehta are currently connected to these two companies. And this information has been taken from

Atur Harshad Mehta Net Worth 2022

If you also want to know about the net worth of Atur Mehta, then tell for your information that the details of their total property have not been shared so far. But as you know that their father Harshad Mehta was the owner of billions, such a situation is estimated to be more property in him and his family.

And according to some report, their annual net worth is around two to three crores.

Note: The information about Atul Harshad Mehta Net Worth is taken from some websites, but any details of their property are not available on any government website.

Where is the house of Atur & where Atur Harshad Mehta lives now ?

If you also want information about Harshad Mehta’s house and yet where Atur Mehta live, than for your information that they belong to Mumbai and live in America at the moment.

Atur Mehta Educational Qualification

Atul Mehta has not shared his more information on the Internet but according to some official websites, he has completed his studies till graduation, and he has completed his initial schooling education from Mumbai and then he completed further studies in America.

Atur Harshad Mehta Family

At present, more information in the family of Atur Harshad Mehta is not available on the Internet but according to some media reports, only two members were in their family at the death of Harshad Mehta, their wife and Atur Mehta.

Atur Mehta’s Facebook Account Detail

For your information, tell that Atur Mehta does not use the social media app Facebook, and no one is on any Official Account Facebook, you can only look at Twitter and follow them.

Books available in Market on Harshad Mehta (1992) scandal.

Want to know more about the 1992 scandal, see these books.

If you are also looking for reading some books related to Harshad Mehta’s life, then in such a way you should read a book “The Great Indian Fraud: Serious Fraud which shook the economy“, and You can buy this book online e-commerce website Amazon.

Atur Mehta’s father Harshad Mehta Details

  • Atur Mehta’s father Harshad Mehta was the mastermind of India’s largest stock market scandal. And he was punished for this scandal as a rigorous imprisonment of 5 years by the Court of India.
  • Harshad Mehta was born on July 1954 in Rajkot, Gujarat , and his death was happened in 2001 due to hardattack. And after his father’s death, his son Atur Mehta decided to live anti-social life and decided not to share any information anywhere. Therefore, you do not get much view on social media or other platform.
  • Any family of Harshad Mehta is currently no anywhere in front of the media nor any information is shared.
  • Harshad Mehta’s elder son Atur Harshad Mehta works at the moment of business, and his two big company, which is “Myriad Business Advisor LLP” and “Adept Management Consultants Private Limited” which is operated from the US.
  • When Harshad Mehta died, at that time his elder son Atur Mehta was going to be 21 to 22 years. Therefore, his son still remembers the story of his father Harshad Mehta.


Important Questions Asked About Aatur Harshad Mehta

Q. Is still rich Harshad Mehta’s family?

Ans: There is no official information or record available about their business or company so it is difficult to tell how rich they are now. But as you know that Harshad Mehta was not the owner of crores but the owner of billions, his family can never be poverty in such a situation.

Q.Where is Harshad Mehta’s Family?

Ans: The entire family of Harshad Mehta is currently in Mumbai City, and his son “Aatur Mehta” live in the USA For her further education and to handle their business.

Q. What is the son of Harshad Mehta doing now?

Ans: The name of Harshad Mehta’s son is Aatur mehta, And he lives in the US and handles the work of his stock marketing management from there. And that is also a stock broker like his father.

Q. What happened to Harshad Mehta’s Gromor Consultancy After He Died?

Ans: What happened to Harshad Mehta Gromor Consultancy after the death of Harshad Mehta has not been shared officially by the government or by anyone.

Q. Where are Harshad Mehta’s son and family nowadays?

Ans: Harshad Mehta’s son and family nowadays all the people live in Mumbai, but their entire family still wants to live anonymous from the media.


I hope that after reading this post, you got all kinds of information about Harshad Mehta’s son Aatur Mehta, do not forget to comment in the comment box below for any other information.

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