Online Anonymity and the Best Ways to Browse Anonymously

Looking to keep your web browsing private? Well, a good step is to learn how to browse the internet anonymously in the best possible way. Also, there are practical benefits of being anonymous as well. From avoiding surveillance by specific government departments such as the NSA or FBI to ducking personalized ads.

Moreover, if you live in a region where there is internet censorship, you need to hide what you intend to search on the internet. Even the incognito mode doesn’t hide your browsing history. Below listed are some of the best ways to maintain online anonymity you should know.

1. Surf the web using a VPN

In today’s world, everybody wants to browse the internet without getting tracked through their IP addresses. In that case, using a VPN service is a good way to get started. There is no shortage of VPN services offered by some of the best providers. Hence, find the right one that will help you remain anonymous online. 

Other than providing security and privacy, VPNs help bypass issues such as ISP throttling and geo-restrictions. The best part is, VPNs allow you to stream on popular sites such as Netflix or Amazon.

2. Turn on Incognito or Privacy Mode on your browser

As you know, almost every web browser comes with a feature called Privacy or Incognito Mode that helps you browse anonymously. All you need to do is turn the feature on. However, the private or incognito mode only provides security at the surface level.

The only biggest advantage of using the feature is that it will delete cookies and history. Besides, privacy is limited to the device alone. When online, your data becomes vulnerable to spying or hacking. You are subjected to tracking as well. 

3. Use a browser that specializes in providing privacy

Using private browsers is a reliable method to browse the internet anonymously. You can stay private because the browsers are designed to block trackers while hiding your IP address. For example, browsers such as Tor Browser and Brave don’t store cookies or your data. 

But there’s a slight downside when using these browsers. They ensure security and privacy only when you access the web through them. But when you use applications, you are susceptible to hacking or tracking because the internet connection isn’t encrypted. 

4. Web browsing using a proxy

When you use a proxy server, it will provide you with some kind of online anonymity. So, how does it work? You send the information to the server using the proxy server. And, it sends the information to the website. Using the service from a trusted provider like rotating proxies from PivateProxy will help you stay hidden when browsing.

A proxy server may not provide you with the ultimate encryption, though. Although websites won’t be able to view your real IP address, a hacker might find you. However, such events are rare. A private proxy server will protect your identity but won’t encrypt the web traffic.

5. Use a secure search engine

Popular search engines like Google store and track information so that they provide better results to their users. But there are instances where search engines violated privacy by selling the information to advertisers, especially the ones that have targeted audiences.

Because you can’t ditch search engines, the best way is to search privately and anonymously by using secured search engines. A private engine like DuckDuckGo won’t track your activity online or store your information. 

6. Turn off your GPS

Even when you browse the internet anonymously, the situation might worsen if anyone tracks your location. If you leave the GPS on, it will invite hackers or surveillance teams. You will be exposed to other vulnerabilities and threats as well. So, turn the GPS off all the time.

7. Make sure to log out

Never forget to sign out after using your email account or social media platforms. When you log out, it means that you are shutting your door to hackers. No one can expose your data or access your data.


Both individuals and businesses are becoming aware of cyberattacks. Therefore, it is wise to safeguard data in intuitive ways. When you browse the internet anonymously, your activities and data stay safe and private. Using a proxy server from a reliable provider like PivateProxy will ensure that you remain anonymous on the internet.

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