History of Bodh Gaya museum,Bodh Gaya

Buddha statue

History of Bodh Gaya museum Bodh Gaya Museum was established in 1956.In this Museum consists of two galleries and an open courtyard as well as two verandas that exhibit antique items. The Bodh Gaya museum exhibits pictures related to the Buddhist and Brahminical beliefs of bronze and stone sculptures, Buddhist deities, zodiac sign on the guardrails of the Sun, Suga era, etc., in the Museum of Buddhist worship.when you will pass through the courtyard of the Bodh Gaya museum than you have to face the stones, which were transferred from…

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History of Bodhi Tree,Bodh Gaya


History of Bodhi Tree Bo tree is called as Bodhi tree, it is a very large and very holy and old tree, Bodhi trees are easily identified due to the heart-shaped leaves, it is believed to be in Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya. It is said that Lord Buddha had attained the spiritual knowledge and Bodhi knowledge sitting under this tree. बोधि पेड़ का इतिहास बो वृक्ष को हीं बोधि वृक्ष कहा जाता है ,यह बहुत ही बड़ा और बहुत पवित्र एवं पुराना वृक्ष है, बोधि वृक्ष आसानी से दिल के…

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History of Golghar,Patna


History of Golghar The Golghar is situated near the Gandhi Maidan in Patna.This is a wonderful example of Bihar state, there is no pillar in its construction. Due to the Gumbdakar shape, it is compared to the tomb of Mohammad Adil Shah built in 1627-55. A voice is echoed 27-32 times inside the cellar. In 1770, Governor General Warren Hastings planned to build the Golghar, its construction was completed on 20 July 1786 in the British Raj.Many tourists know Patna due to the Golghar.One of the major tourist destinations of…

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Maha Bodhi Temple,Bodh Gaya

maha boddhi temple Gaya

History of Maha Bodhi Temple One of the most sacred places of Buddhism, the Maha Bophi Mandir is one of the oldest temples in India. Recognizing Buddha’s place of knowledge (Bodhi) It is situated on the banks of the Niranjana river of central Bihar state and the Mahabodhi temple complex is one of India’s most prominent religious and spiritual centers and is a major tourist attraction for foreign visitors. The original structure, which was later changed, was made to celebrate Buddha’s knowledge by one of the most important religious conversions…

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Nalanda University Destruction- A great loss to humanity.

Nalanda Bihar

History of Nalanda Nalanda is one of Bihar’s most famous districts,It is situated 95 kilometers south-east from Patna, Nalanda is one of the important tourist places of Bihar, and here was the second oldest university in India, Nalanda University which was often Known as the early universities of India. Today there is ruins in most parts of Nalanda, but the place is definitely worth finding, it is said that here many pilgrims came here and this place of glorification of the place brought Nalanda to existence, Jain Tirthankar, Mahavir spent…

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History of Gaya- What to Know Before You Go

Bodh Gaya city photo

History of Gaya Gaya is one of the most famous districts of Bihar, which is a busy city on the banks of the river Phalag, it was officially established on 3 October 1865. And the second largest city in Bihar. The population of Hindus in Gaya is very much and has been filled with many temples and historical sites, it is believed that here under the tree Lord Buddha had received enlightenment. Gaya is a transit point for a Hindu pilgrimage center and Buddhist shrine center of Bodh Gaya, it…

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History of Munger,Bihar


History of Munger Munger is one of the most famous districts of Bihar, which is a busy city situated on the banks of the southern bank of river Ganga and It was seperated from Bhagalpur district in 1832. It is situated 180 km east from Patna, Munger is one of the important tourist spots of Bihar and it is the fifth largest city of Bihar and is considered to be one of the oldest cities of Bihar and the present day Munger is a twin It is a city, which…

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History of Vaishali,Bihar


History of Vaishali Vaishali is one of the most famous districts of Bihar.It was separated from Muzaffarpur district in 1972, it is about 44 kilometers from Patna.It is popular among tourists, Vaishali is an important archaeological site and it is also known as the birthplace of lord Mahavira. it is said that Mahavira was born in 6th century BC in the Koslaga of Vaisali. Apart from this, Gautam Buddha had preached his last discourse before his death, it is considered as an important place for both Jain and Buddhist religions, and…

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History of Patna,Bihar


History of Patna Bihar’s capital is Patna, situated on the southern banks of the Ganges, Patna is Bihar’s largest city, it is known as Patilputram in ancient times, this city is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Kolkata After Patna is the second largest city in eastern India. Patna was established in 490 BC by the king of Magadha. Patna is a pilgrimage site for Sikh devotees as it is considered the birthplace of the last Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. During the…

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